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Even after using numerous prescriptions and creams, from over the counter, none of them worked to elevate the dryness and hair loss, of my daughter who was only a few months old, and who suffered badly from her symptoms of eczema. 

But after only a few short weeks of using Millie's Hair Retention Oil l was delighted to see the massive  and miraculous relief it brought to my daughter.  

Not only did l see growth around the edges of my daughter's hairline but her skin became smooth and moisturized, as a result of it. 

I was so pleased because my little girl, who suffers from extreme eczema, and whose skin had been badly affected through dryness and constant itching, could now feel normal.  

Thanks to Millie's Retention Hair Oil l know my daughter has a chance in life. To me, this product is the real thing and l can't stop talking about it.


It has stop the breaking on my first try, it is working so far.  Thanks Millie's Retention Hair Oil.

Ntombi Nina Petronella

I must admit, l haven't been using Millie's Retention Hair Oil regularly but l make sure when l am using heat on my hair l use it, because l find that it gives the hair amazing shine and even gives the appearance as though the hair is relaxed.  It's not greasy and a little is all l need on my hair.  I have seen the results others have had on their hair, so l am going to do my best to implement it more in my hair regiment.


I love using Millie's Hair Products, I have been using her retention oil for months and just recently started using the conditioner and growth oil.  All of them work well together and I love how they make my hair look and feel.  My hair has improved so much that people are commenting on its appearance.  It is much more manageable, soft, thick and long.  I am so happy with it that I have been using the conditioner on my 9 month old little girl.  It has made her hair so soft and shiny.  I can definitely recommend Millie's Hair products.


Simply wonderful. I keep telling anyone who will listen, how great these products are.


I use it for all the family.  My girls are teenagers and I have to hide my retention oil from them, as they love it so much.  We all enjoy its texture, the peppermint is so cooling and refreshing on the scalp, and what makes it value for money is the fact that a little goes a long way.  It is so affordable and  leaves our hair soft and shiny.  The greatest thing is that we see more length each month because it lubricates the hair shaft to prevent hair breakage.  Wonderful!!


My hair is relaxed and I can honestly say that you only need a little to keep the hair performing well.  I use the Millie's Hair Retention Oil.  I recommend it.


I use and love the Millie's Hair Conditioner.  I wash my hair with a moisturizing shampoo then applied the conditioner, putting a plastic cap over my hair and added a heated cap for an hour, then rinsed out and styled using Millie's Hair Retention Oil.  The conditioner made my hair softer and complimented the oil leaving my hair shiny and bouncy.


I have been using the hair oil a few weeks now and just wanted to give a feedback on it.
After using the hair oils for a few weeks, I feel that l am in a position now to comment on it.
Since using the hair oil I  have noticed significant change in my hair length and body. I had been half weaving for a number of years so after choosing not to weave, my hair seemed lifeless but after using Millie's Hair Retention Oil it really gave my hair that boost it needed.
Good price and you get exact what the seller say would happen after using it. I intend to recommend it to others.

Pauline Mckie

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