This all began back in 2014 when I made up my mind to start looking after my hair. This transitioning stage not only was the start of a new journey to longer hair but, growing healthy hair which retained its length.

What I thought was going to be an easy journey became much more difficult; as there were limited natural hair products, available to me. Many shops in the black community were owned by those who didn't understand the needs of the various hair types of black people. Not only were the products over priced, all the ones I came across were chemically induced. I really wanted something organic that I could use on my hair.

After many months searching and having no luck finding a cost effective Hair Oil that had the right nutrients to maintain length and encourage hair growth I decided to start making my own organic hair oil (Millie's Hair Products).

After a Year of research into what would best meet the needs of not only my hair type but others, I finally created a quality hair oil, naturally sourced and designed to help with the prevention of breakage, whilst simulating blood flow to the scalp when applied.

The changes were so evident many people began asking what I was doing differently.
This is where it all started.  I began to test pilot my Hair Oil with friends and family who gave me monthly updates. The responses were so promising I was encouraged to get it out to others so that they can benefit from its wonderful properties.