How to use Millie's Hair Retention Oil Tutorial

Millie's Hair Retention Oil is great for dry and brittle natural curly hair.
Millie's Hair products are homemade and possesses over nine different oils.  These oils are blended together to help with hair retention and the prevention of hair breakage.  It moisturises, brings shine and softness to every strand of hair, promoting amazing faster hair growth.

   For instructions on how to use this product, click on the video below.

  • Its best to use the retention hair oil just after a fresh shampoo and conditioning of the hair. 
(Millie's Hair Conditioner is designed to give the best results when using Millie's Hair Retention Oil or Millie's Hair Growth Oil).  You can purchase any of these from the drop down list below.
  • Divide the hair into four sections, for more control, then use either a large tooth comb or your fingers to make small parts on the head.
  • Use your fingertips to distribute a little of the retention hair oil onto the scalp.
  • To lock in the moisture put a little of the retention hair oil into your hands rub hands together then use your hands to place the retention oil onto the hair, starting from the ends moving upwards.
  • Style as usual 
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