To find the best way to look after hair extensions is quite different with human hair extensions than it is for synthetic hair extensions.

To look after human hair extensions, you must treat them as you would your own hair. You will need to use a good shampoo (some salons have a line of special shampoos) to clean the hair extensions of hair spray or other film that has gathered on them from everyday wear. Unlike your own hair, that is given the advantage of extra, life giving oils, human hair extensions need an extra measure of deep conditioning. 

To look after clip-in, human hair extensions, you will need to shampoo the extension as you would your own hair. Wet the hair extension well and add enough shampoo to make a good lather. Work the shampoo into the hair extension carefully so you do not tangle or snarl the extension. Rinse the hair extension well, you may repeat the shampoo if you have used a good deal of hair spray or gel since your last cleaning. After all of the shampoo is gently washed from the hair extension, you will need to use a vitamin rich conditioner to ensure the hair does not become dried out or brittle.

You may want to use a deep conditioner rather than one that rinses out in a matter of minutes. Your best bet is to add the conditioner to the hair extension as you would to your own hair. If the instructions call for you to wrap your hair in plastic wrap and a towel, you should do the same with your human hair extension. After carefully and completely washing the conditioner you can blow dry and style as you wish.

To look after your synthetic hair extensions, you will need to use a special shampoo for synthetic wigs and hair extensions. Remove all tangles from the extension with your fingers or by combing. Curly extensions do not need to be combed out. Fill a basin with cool (not hot) water, mix in a little of the special shampoo and place your extension in the water. Soak for about 5 minutes. Swirl the synthetic extension in the water without rubbing. Rinse the wig under cool, running water. Shake the excess water off of the extension and place on a towel to dry. Comb out and apply them to your hair.        

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